Tooth Extractions

If the tooth gets completely damaged or infected, then the inevitable option left is tooth extraction. The dentist always tries to prevent tooth loss by helping you to maintain your oral health. The dentist has turned extraction into a painless procedure, also providing proper care and good aesthetic result. 

What are the advantages of tooth extraction?

The advantages of extracting tooth are:

  • Broken, cracked, or badly decayed teeth can be removed by extracting them. Those kinds of teeth can be painful, even bothering you with embarrassing moments.
  • You can get that tooth removed, which has signs of advanced gum disease (periodontal disease).
  • Some teeth can’t be suitable for a root canal as they get too damaged.
  • Badly positioned or nonfunctional teeth can also get extracted.
  • Sometimes teeth are extracted for a smile makeover to make room for new teeth. 

How is tooth extracted?

The dentist might suggest you have antibiotics before the process. The area around the tooth is made numb by providing local anesthesia so that you do not feel any pain. An instrument called an elevator is used to loosen the tooth in the gum. Forceps are placed around the tooth, and then the tooth is extracted from the gum. The gum socket is cleaned, and gums that are left are smoothened by the dentist. 

What are the treatment alternatives for extraction?

If the tooth isn’t much damaged by decay, a fracture, or periodontal disease, then some choices can act as alternatives to extractions such as:

Saving a tooth: A root canal therapy and a crown can help in restoring a tooth. It might be damaged by severe decay, or that has an infected nerve, or which has got a crack that has not yet reached the root.

Saving a tooth with a surgical procedure: Sometimes, to remove an infected or damaged tooth root treatments like root amputation or bone grafting can help out. They can save a tooth.

Delaying treatment: Delaying is quite a risky alternative to any problem. Even if it’s decay or infection, it will get worse by time.

Get the tooth removed:  It’s better to get the tooth removed, which has caught an infection or is severely damaged by decay. Extraction can help you in any such situation, to maintain a good oral and overall health.


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